We are KTNRwanda.

KTN Rwanda Ltd is a property management company that has many years of experience in providing exclusive service with high level of satisfaction to its customers in Property management,

Property renovation management and obtaining lease contract, Application of construction permits, and Document ownership mutation services. Since its founding in Kigali City-Rwanda in 2012,

KTN Ltd has become the leading broker in real estate. It has been one of the real estate reliable brokers for government & non-government institutions/organizations.

We are proud of our market share and competitive advantage and we will keep improving our service delivery as a key to success. With a great honor of serving our customers, we are extremely proud to be awarded the Real Estate Broker of the Year 2020 in Service Excellence Awards 2020.

Our vision is to ensure an exclusive service delivery to our valuable customers and help our customers to find the best property at an affordable price ever in Rwanda.

With highly skilled staff and professionals, we are so committed to our principles such as accountability, use of care and skill, obey legal instructions, being loyal to our clients, and disclose all pertinent information.



1,200 Satisfied Customers

3,000 Plots Listed

2,220 Plots Sold

140 Happy Agents

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